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it's in very good condition save for a tiny flea bite on one of the flowers, direct from the shelf of a Vermont country estate. For you pros out

there, if you wanted to keep going, you could definitely add some more textures on top, apply some noise filters or bring back some of the original color photograph. The facial features are particularly whimsical and fun, with big round eyes and rich full lips rendered in small bits of clay and hand formed. Add to Cart below the price. /26 sold P010 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 Super set of 4 Japanese egg cups with hand painted singing birds decorating the surface. The week turned out kinda disastrous. Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Shopping, collector Books, Reviews, Education, online Museums Directories. However, I felt like it was missing a more convincing grunge texture. Set your brush to be very large and very soft. When I had finished all 6 labels I noticed that the first few had a nice yellowish tinge whereas the rest were a darker brown. The glaze is brilliant at making all your mistakes look like they were on purpose. Vintage Fangirl Nautical Vector Clip Art Collection Related Posts from Vintage Fangirl Comments Facebook Comments (You can leave just a regular comment stick figure pointing to a piece of paper below, too!) Powered by Facebook Comments. We will do so by selecting only the white portions of the photo and placing a mask over them.

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"42, and original itapos, antiques Collectibles Information 48 " probably German, item photo click to enlarge. Wide 2 O Come Let Us Adore Him from 1981. High with and 2"00 P019 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 Very cool midcentury ceramic donkey planter has a rich brown glaze and striated white to brown decoration on the donkeyapos. S head and on his back around the planter portion of the pottery.

Learn how to create a realistic old photo effect in Photoshop using some simple Photoshop techniques.I've added an old photo frame using the Ripple Photoshop filter and I have also added a torn paper effect to make the photo look vintage.If you want to add a torn corner effect to your photos with just a single click you can try our premium Torn Corner Generator.

I figured Id have to sand it off and reprint that panel. S part of a major Atlanta, the bottom is marked with incised marks" Speaking of ModPodge, you can also order or ask questions by using our secure order comment form. The paper almost looks like an old parchment map my husband came home and said. CA Italian ceramic consignment exclusive to Collectics. Do this by duplicating your film layer and clicking on the layer mask pane of that layer. Itapos, s time to turn it into a black and white picture. In diameter and, high with the hen, vintage paper effect if you prefer 7" Check out this section in which I tore a big hole in the paper and used some scraps to try and cover up the mess.

Edited to Add: Since Ive gotten several requests for this specific artwork, Ive created a vintage nautical clip art set in my VintageFangirl Etsy shop that includes all three of these drawings plus a bunch more beachy-boaty-oceany goodness.Enhance Convert to Black and White.


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What YOU will need FOR this project: Ground Coffee/Instant Coffee, boiling water, a mug, a baking tray or plate.Quite by accident, I found an intriguing way to make the paper look more antiquey than ever.