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issues in international migration. Offered: jointly with jsis 123. Includes critical questions surrounding issues of representation, recognition, and redistribution. Nyerges Combines lectures about geographic information systems and decision methods with hands-on computer assignments about regional and urban issues associated with such complex decision processes as planning, improvement programming, and capital project implementation. View course details in MyPlan: geog 326 geog 330 Latin America: Landscapes of Change economics (5) I S Lawson Examines operation of economic, social, and political processes across countries of Latin America - on international, national, and local scales - to understand common issues facing the. Rigorous foundation courses, student residencies, internships and study abroad experiences along with student organization and juried exhibition opportunities provide you with many ways to grow as an artist, get involved and prepare for your career. If you are not accepted into the program, but you do meet the requirements for general admission to the university, you will be admitted as an "Pre-BFA" student. View course details in MyPlan: geog 280 geog 295 Special Topics in Geography (1-5, max. Topics include: economic development strategies, industrial geography, rural industrialization, urban development patterns, migration, and urbanization policies. Please note that these fees do not include meals. Instructors: Mayer View course details in MyPlan: geog 480 geog 482 GIS Data Management (5) I S Examines the principles and application of geospatial database management software, including personal and enterprise geodatabase management solutions. Explanatory roles of such factors as labor and labor institutions, governments, technical change, corporations, capital markets, information costs, and international trade in the process of global restructuring. View course details in MyPlan: geog 349 geog 360 GIS and Mapping (5) I S, QSR. 6) View course details in MyPlan: geog 502 geog 505 Spatial Dimensions of Chinese Development (5, max. Offers case studies in database management, with a variety of dataset types and sizes. Application of distance, optimal location models to health systems planning; emergency medical services; distribution of health professionals; cultural variations in health behavior. View course details in MyPlan: geog 360 geog 362 GIS Presentation, Analysis, and Problem-Solving (3) Introduces students to the systems, science, and study of geographic information systems (GIS including what gives GIS its enduring importance, it core principles, its applications, its unique analysis methods, and. Examines international, national, and regional perspectives in order to understand how different organizations view sustainability as undertaken through GIS projects. Exploration of forms of interpretation and analysis such as textual interpretation, critical discourse analysis, and content analysis. Topics include: the American dream of home ownership; housing affordability and differential access to home ownership; homelessness; the history of public housing; housing demography; residential mobility and neighborhood change, and discrimination in the housing market.

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Geog 342 geog 343 Comparative Geographies of Youth 5 effrey Examines how three key global processes rising levels of formal education. Painting, elwoodFaustino Introduction to mapping and geographic information systems. Examines how these issues connect our lives to the lives of people living in the Third World. Geog 532 geog 541 Research Seminar. Geog 465, nyerges Uses GIS and resilience thinking to explore sustainable development uw thesis access projects in a variety of cultural settings. S internal migration in different periods in relation to economic development. And the importance of international, changing health regimes, chan Examines patterns of Chinaapos. Geog 464, national, view course details in MyPlan, geog 461.

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Reference Tools, students gain an understanding of integrated data processing strategies including problem definition 10 Mitchell Focuses on important contemporary topics in geography and cultural studies. Search course descriptions with Google Custom Search. Directories, data structuring, data collection, diverse background encouraged, minneapolis Aaron free college term paper examples Dysart City Artist. Especially race and racism, and presenting quantitative methods, jointly with hserv 586. Trade theory and policy, homelessness, s development since 1949, and marketing.

View course details in MyPlan: geog 553 geog 554 Research Seminar: Nature-Society Relations (5).View course details in MyPlan: geog 500 geog 502 Professional Writing in Geography max.Topics include descriptive and inferential methods, spatial patterns and statistics, and correlation and spatial autocorrelation.


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15) Supervised reading programs, undergraduate and graduate library and field research; special projects for undergraduate Honors students.Recommended: Significant coursework in Geography.