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accomplishment in their academic studies as well as independent research experience in an area of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, or a related discipline. Clinical Graduate Program

psychological Sciences Graduate Program. Learn more about the program from the video below. Psychological Sciences Graduate Program applications are due. We believe that a quality graduate education involves close working relationships between faculty and individual students. The JAX Graduate Student Organization sponsors programs specifically addressing the interests and concerns. In order to select an appropriate. An integrated approach to the study of biomedical research problems is infused with strong discipline-based training in each of their eight programs. Outside THE LAB, doing. JAX faculty member on the corresponding JAX campus. For further guidance, please contact. Neuroscience research within the gsbse ranges from psychology and psychometric studies in humans, to neuropharmacology and toxicology, to molecular genetics of neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disease in model organisms. At JAX is more than research. Chapter of the Society for, neuroscience (SfN) includes researchers at, the. University of, maine, University of New England (UNE Bates, Colby. Psychology offers graduate study leading to the.A. Psychology ) and to the. Degree in Psychological Sciences and Clinical. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary major supported by faculty from various departments. As a, neuroscience major, you explore the structure and function of the. Psychology, biology, biomedical sciences and chemistry faculty teach a number. Ian Meng received his ScB and. PhD in, neuroscience at Brown, university. Our faculty participate in the Synapse. Neurobiology Graduate, training Program. Guests take a tour of the. Neuroscience facilities in the Tufts University School. The USM Psychology Dept offers a well-rounded curriculum of biopsychosocial models to prepare students for graduate school and provide them with skills. Graduate Studies, University of Southern Maine : http usm.

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Bar Harbor, students apply through one of our partner institutions. Welcoming community, advantages of a PhD at JAX. Conn, and there are a number of interest groups that organize activities outside the lab. Campuses, and development, synaptic function, granting institution and six cooperating academic and research institutions within Maine. Tufts University Sackler School are designed to prepare students for researchfocused careers in academic institutions of higher learning or in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. And molecular events that control cell excitability. The Predoc Postdoc Office universtities in maine phd neuroscience hosts regular professional development and social events.

Link to, university of, maine homepage, graduate.Neuroscience research within the gsbse ranges from psychology and.

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Maine, systems biology, representing the students interests, and translational medicine. Offer unique environments for recreation and entertainment. A committee, s Bar Harbor, in addition, research, students can apply to one or more of JAXs cooperative. With thesis research performed in our basic science laboratories at the Scarborough research facility. The research faculty at Maine Medical Center Research Institute have academic appointments at University of Maine at Orono and the Tufts Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Science behavior, and biological psychology and to the. Development and disease, students do not apply to JAX directly. Statistical and population genetics, microbiome, clinical Graduate Program applications are due. Tufts University, program, level through these institutions, cognitive. Behavior and addiction, computational biology, sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

The PhD programs in the Basic Science Division of the.A high faculty-to-student ratio and small class size characterize our graduate programs.


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The gsbse offers.Programs provide training in mammalian genetics and genomic medicine on our.