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orange, the signal travels down the circuits to turn a handprinted moiré panel made of wood and plexiglass. Out of this world, innovative design features abound with this top

class collaboration project and if youre an advocate of forward thinking in the worlds of interior design and industrial design then this is certainly going to be endeavour that is right up your street. Lastly, with Fan, a beautiful perforated how to make a paper snow globe copper relay bar is placed on a stand, which immediately activates nine fans to the users side and offers a gentle breeze. This amazing and supremely well conceived project delivers a sort of industrial look and feel that is ideally suited to todays modern, understated interiors and the clever use of materials really delivers an impactful visual punch that is impossible to ignore. Its hard to not think of a Fischli Weiss installation.

But this interplay wasnt just physical. With a design that likes strikingly similar to a tube or rail network. These design moments reflect the playful nature of both thesis in first paragraph brands and engage and delight those who connect to make magic. Lets face it, and the display uniquely wakefield paper demonstrates Flavor Papers ability to create wall coverings that function as modern works of art.

Flavor Paper and, uM Project have joined forces to develop an interactive wall covering product combining conductive wallpaper and functional devices.The low tech-high touch integration of 2D and 3D elements creates a novel and immersive experience.Flavor Paper and, uM Project, Conduct wallpaper doubles as a power source.

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Triggering the increase and peoples decrease of a jam sound. UM Project, see More, scale and outcomes are completely customizable. The participant closes the loop and triggers the wall to come alive with sound. With a bright and engaging arrangement that gives new meaning to wallpaper.

We love seeing innovative design projects here at The Coolector and this corker from UM Project and Flavor Paper is right up there with the best of them so far as interior design is concerned.UM Project s founder François Chambard to develop a simple yet playful showcase at this years Collective Design Fair (3-7 May).Electrically-charged wallpaper might seem like a pipe-dream but for.


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With a final touch, a tonal sound emanates from a central speaker before the lights and sound fade out.Conduct is available for site specific installations and custom applications.Light Timer Moiré took inspiration from James Turrel as a progressive light bar operated like a timer. .