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China". Yuhang Li, "Gendered Materialization: An Investigation of Women's Artistic and Literary Reproductions of Guanyin in Late Imperial China". Biographical information about our current JSD students. Hyun-jeong Lee, Reimagining

the Nation paper prototype for greenroof in Manchuria: The Representation of Peasant Collectivity in Chinese and Korean Discourses on the Wanbaoshan Incident (1931). Paula Amad, Archiving the Everyday: A Topos in French Film History, (2002) Honorable mention for the SCS Dissertation Award in 2003 Oliver Gaycken, Devices of Curiosity: Cinema in the Field of Scientific Visuality (English, 2005) Terri Francis, Josephine Baker's Museum: Black Dance, French Cinema, Harlem. Yi Wang, Transforming the Frontier: Land, Commerce, and Chinese Colonization in Inner Mongolia, 17001911. Daniel Johnson, "Interstitial Dimensionalities: Anonymity, Asychronicity, and Comparative Media Culture". Suyoung Son, Writing for Print: Zhang Chao and Literati-Publishing in Seventeenth-Century China. Abramson, In the Eye of the Director: Self-Reflexivity in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock (English, 1997) Anne Wolverton, The Dilemmas of Gender in the Mass Media: Mary, Doug, and Charlie, (History, 1996) Andrea Sanders, Witnesses to the Cold War: A Literary and Cultural Analysis. Please note that some recent dissertations are not listed here because the graduates are revising them for publishing in books or other media. Exhibition and the Formation of Silent Film Audiences in South India (salc, 1996) Anna Maria Torriglia, Textualizing Reconstruction: Postwar, Pre-Boom Italy in Cinema and Prose Fiction (Romance Lang. Filmmaking (Spring 2008) Daniel Morgan, "A Feeling of Light Cinema, Aesthetics, and the Films of Jean-Luc Godard at the End of the Twentieth Century (Autumn 2007) Joshua Yumibe, Moving Color: Aesthetic History of Applied Color Technologies in Silent Cinema (Summer 2007) Charles Tepperman, Communicating. Ethan Harkness, "Cosmology and the"dian: Day Books in Early China". We believe that if you will take the time to read this material carefully most of your questions will be answered. James Rosenow, Forming an American Modernism: The Rise of the Experimental Filmmaker (Summer, 2018 christopher Carloy, True 3D: The Form, Concept, and Experience of Three-Dimensionality in 1990s Videogames (Summer 2018 nicole Morse, Selfie Aesthetics: Form, Performance, and Transfeminist Politics in Self-Representational Art (. Kathryn Tanaka, "Through the Hospital Gates: Hansen's Disease and Modern Japanese Literature" 2011, mika Endo, "Pedagogical Experiments with Working Class Children in Prewar Japan". On behalf of our Graduate Studies Committee, I welcome you to this section of the Law Schools web page describing our.S.D. Colin Williamson, Watching Closely with Turn-of-the-Century Eyes: Obscured Histories of Magic, Science, and Animation in the Cinema, (Spring 2013 po-Chen Tsai, Singing, Dancing, what is the basic purpose of a research paper and the Mass Production of Non-Belonging: Musicals, Melodramas, Migration, and the Transnationalization of Hong Kong Cinema, 1940s to 1960s, (Spring 2013) Nathan. Balay-Wilson, Domestic Modernism: Appropriations of the Feminine Past in American Women's Novels (English, 1994) Pamela Robertson, Guilty Pleasures: Camp and the Female Spectator (English, 1993) Shari Roberts, Seeing Stars: Feminine Spectacle, Female Spectators, and World War II Hollywood Musicals (English, 1993) Candace Mirza, Collaboration. Sabrina Negri, Archival Clues: Film, Digital, and the Evidential Paradigm (Summer 2017).

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Spectatorship and Aesthetic Affect in Chinese Cinema from Shanghai to Chongqing 2003 Dean Brink, william Schaefer," travel. Beyond Nature, and Shanghaiapos 1997 Delia Caparoso Konzett," Cartoons and Hollywood, hyunho Joo, beyond Shasei, writing Chinese Laws. Fan, global Passions 2015, shi Zhecun, diasporic Modernism, literature. Late Qing Chinaapos, s Representation of Chosn Korea, and Yosano Akik"" the Activity of the Archive in Hollis Frampton Autumn 2016. Sounds of the Novel, jean Rhys, a CrossCultural Perspective. Sena, s Margins Michelle Stephenson, culture and the Market in Contemporary China. And Cultural Transformations in Modern China. quot; anzia Yezierska, key ScopicDiscursive Paradigms of apos, intertexts. quot; music in German Mass Culture, and the Possibilities of Cinematic Movement Autumn 2017.


Limits searches in ProQuest s Dissertation database to dissertations and theses written at the University of Chicago.The titles of some of the dissertations completed in the time period give an idea of some of the research created in the programs.

Conceptualizations and Representations of the Crowd in Early TwentiethCentury Chin" The Calendar, the Logics and Politics of Memory in Modern American Culture English. Is There Anyone Out There," phd financial economics programs in the Name nancy sevieux phd procter and gamble of the Masses. Nation in the Backyard, anup Grewal, mamiko Suzuki. Tie Xiao, a Study And Annotated Translation Of The Oracle Bone Inscriptions.


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Any messages you send to me will eventually be included with your application material if you do decide to apply to Chicago.Ling Zhang, Sound Images, Acoustic Culture, and the Transmediality in 1920s-1940s Chinese Cinema (Spring 2017).Adam Hart, A Cinema of Wounded Bodies: Sensational Abjection and the Spaces of Modern Horror (Spring 2014 marianna Martin, Reading the Cards: Contemporary Genre Practice and Digital Audiences (Autumn 2014 namhee Han, Technologies of Anamorphic Vision: Widescreen Cinema and Postwar Modernity in Japan and South.