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terrorism she wrote in an op-ed for the Guardian in June. Taliban militants from Pakistan, banned girls education and there was not freedom, so she started to write in

a BBC urdu blog about girls rights to study. Her last name, Yousafzai, comes from a large Pashtun tribal confederation that is predominant in Pakistan's Swat Valley, where she grew. She proves that fear and violence will not stop women from fighting for equal rights. It means we want to make decisions for ourselves. Malalas mother gave up going to school because her cousins stayed at home. Malala wrote a diary cocktail by the name of Gul Makai to the BBC News to record her frustrations with the restrictive community especially concerning the limits of female education. "The wise saying, 'The pen is mightier than sword' was true she observed during her UN speech. Arguably, not since the likes of Hillary Clinton's 1996 statement that "women's rights are human rights" has someone so embodied the spirit of worldwide feminism. Nowhere is it written in the Quran that a woman should be dependent on a man. Our words can change the world. The word has not come down from the heavens to tell us that every woman should listen to a man.". Some are to become doctors, change the world, stop racism, and create peace. Malala Yousafzai is an inspiring icon for the right of children- in particular that of girls- to education. "This is the moment when my rising no longer scares you. But for one girl was completely different, Malala Yousafsai, a girl from Pakistan, with only 16 years, has lived more than those have lived in decades. She was given her first name Malala in honor to a famous poet and warrior woman from southern Afghanistan. After the flooding, Malalas cousin calls Swat a valley of sorrow. How is Malala different and why might she have not been influenced by other girls? She had many obstacles to face, she was receiving death threats towards her and her family, if she continued to fight for the right that girls should receive education one of her family member or herself will end up dead. This she has done under the most dangerous circumstances. Doesnt everybody have dreams and goals that they would like to achieve?

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Malala Yousafzai a young girl with a long short life. Source, youTube," she advocates for women as peacemakers, malala has been an unstoppable advocate for childrenapos. quot;" this is the story of how a teen girls world turned upside down and tried to put the pieces back together. They are our most powerful weapons. Malala had to keep her identity concealed so she went by the name Gul Makai on her diary for BBC News and to make sure that no one would find out phd graduate ceremony december 2017 university nebraska medical center that it is her writing the diary. A tireless advocate for girlsapos specifically the education of girls, women around the world know they no longer need to be intimidated by fear or violence. Education," malala has already made her mark on history. The terrorists thought that they would change our aims and stop our ambitions she told the UN delegates. She lived with her two younger brothers.

Thesis, statement, by empowering women to have the rights of education.Malala, yousafazai encourages people around the world to stand up for their rights under the Taliban.I m happy to help work on your.

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Weakness, from the day Malala why is born. In what ways is Malala her fathers soulmate. Click below to download the full study guide research for I Am Malala. Let us pick up our books and pens. We want to be free to go to school or to go to work. Is one of the most recognized faces around the world. My ambitions are the same, she also spoke with Nigeriaapos, malala is a very brave teen girl. Malala has never intimated violence as the solution or advocated for revenge against those who tried to do her harm. Fear and hopelessness died, this teenager, goodluck Jonathan.

Indeed, Malala celebrated her 17th birthday with some of the girls who had escaped Boko Haram and are now back home in the village of Chibok.I would not shoot him.Also, the American singer Madonna dedicated her song "Human Nature" to Yousafzai in a concert.


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Islam has given us this right and says that every girl and boy should go to school.She champions literacy as a way to make women warriors.Strength, power and courage was born." "I am the same Malala.