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cup of herbal tea. Let's talk about different types of houses (dwelling). How important is friendship for you? Why are there many one-parent families? The most typical dinner consists

of fish, meat, omelet, cheese, salads, and of course, tea. My mum usually cooks for the whole family. Which national dishes would you recommend him to taste? But if you enjoy doing things on your own, you may take up swimming, riding, golf or athletics. They have been with me all my life and they know my positive and negative features. If he likes souvenirs you can buy something exotic and unusual. How do you do! Her favourite clothes are jeans and sweaters. What qualities do you think your best friend appreciates about you? What shall we have for a dessert? Our flat has a good layout. After the second listening I hand out sheets of paper and children write a test. Family is a very important unit of our society. Quality papers are serious, with long, informative articles; while popular papers, known as tabloids, have a more sensational reporting style and contain more human interest stories than news. I try to get good education, find an interesting and well-paid paper job, become a professional and be useful for our society.

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