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words "Delaware Security Prescription" must appear on the back of the prescription when rubbed with a coin. The printing on each form must include name, street, city, state zip code, telephone number, and the prescribers Delaware professional license/registration number. Return to Directory toner bond security Paper Toner Fusion When present on Laser Prescription Paper, the feature prevents laser printed information from being removed from the surface of the paper using adhesive tape. Forged and altered prescriptions affect everyone with higher insurance costs as well as higher state and federal taxes. Security BOarning Box harbor on the back of the script contains a list of Rx security features. Click on your State to order. Category One Void Pantograph background (Hidden Message Technology) Reverse Rx Symbol Micro Printing Artificial Watermark on back of script Coin Activated Ink Category Two Colored Shaded Pantograph background Toner Grip Security Coating "Check and Balance" printed features such as "quantity" check boxes, and space. Batch Numbers may be printed in the margin, on the back or in various other locations on a script. Information relative to "hidden message technology". There are to be no spaces, dashes or symbols nor any additional letters. Length in Inches :.4, paper Towel Dispenser Type : Kitchen Towel Holder. Paper Towel Pack Size : 1-10 Rolls. The Pharmacist's Information Resource for validating Prescription Paper Security Features when there is a question about any aspect of the prescription order, the pharmacist should contact the prescriber for verification or clarification. SecureGuard Rx Prescription Paper Products meets and exceed the NEW FDA Recommendations for prescribing controlled substance prescriptions. ABC In this example the batch number shows Florida Authorized Printer #ABC Date printed is November 11, 2011 The printers job number is 0000 Blue Security Background The word "void" appears when script is photocopied Erasure Protection White Mark appears when erased with ink eraser. Micro Line printing may be found as part of the border around the security feature warning box on the back of the script. UV Security Watermark Invisible Images are visible when viewed under black light "Layer on Layer" Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper Features The reason for "layers" of security is to insure that if one or more features do not appear to work properly, there are additional features. This brighter paper has made it more difficult to view the artificial watermark. Is a veteran owned company.

Return to Directory This web site was prepared by the Document Security Compliance Department paper at Micro Format. Drugs in Schedule II have an accepted medical use. It does not mean a document is counterfeit. Rx Security Features with images, thermochromic Ink Feature The back of the prescription must contain a frictionactivated ink feature.

rx paper rolls No two forms may have the same serial number. Executed on a tamper resistant pa"2010 arizona effective November 1, prescriptions written in another state are rx paper rolls not required to be on Washington State Board of Pharmacy approved tamper resistant prescription paper or pads with the seal. Must be printed, inc, bUT the statue states that all written prescriptions must be" Unique batch number codes may make it is possible to determine the date and location at which a specific production run was manufactured. Theres a big difference between affordable and cheap.

This will cause the color to return to it's original state.Return to Directory UV secure Ultra Violet Light Security Words Printed in Secure "UV Ink" on back of sheet are only visible when viewed under "black Light".Multi Level Tamper Resistant Rx Paper prevents Script Duplication, Script Alteration, Script Forgery and Counterfeiting Tamper Resistant Rx Security Features: hidden message technology Words such as "void" and "copy" appear on the copy when script is photocopied or scanned.


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For this reason, many security paper manufacturers have added a slight amount of color to the artificial watermark.Pharmacist: Rub on RED Rx or RED security BAR.