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smallest. George says, then who? . If they are wrong, he has to go again (until he guesses right). Any child he catches or tags within the boundries of

his haunted house becomes a ghost and joins him to try to catch the remaining children, who return again and again to tease and try to avoid being caught by the ghosts. . (circle/passive) Group should be divided so that they are in small groups of about five or six people. . The group forms a circle and about six players are chosen to go into the middle of the circle, where they bend over and grab their ankles, and walk around backwards. . Try to sit, stand up, turn around and sit down again. . Contributed by Amy Roberts Ghost (passive) Three or four players are chosen to be the ghosts. . The last child caught is the winner and may be the lonely little ghost the next time the game is played. Jumpball Relay - Teams line up with team members behind their team captains in file formation. . Birds Have Feathers, blanket Stand, blanket Toss, blind Beach Volley-ball. They both close their eyes and say the chant while the rest run for safety again. . Patrick'S easter mother fathers DAY july 4th octoberfest halloween thanksgiving christmas. Thrill of a Lifetime (cooperative/passive) This is a fantasy game that makes the whole group work together to achieve a common role. . The person in the space attempts to catch one of the partners. . Contributed by Julianne Brewer See also "Murder Wink" ring to punch paper Kitty Wanna Cracker (moderate) Campers sit in a circle with one person in the middle of the circle. . Some ideas are; flat tire (Hop around on one foot RUN OUT OF GAS (Crab Walk turbo boost (run around NO muffler (noisy!).etc. We carry our detailed processing to make our products range and make them perfect in every aspect. When the gates person gets all the way around they then run through their gate into the middle of the circle and try to grab the rubber chicken. . 633 Warren Ave., Portland, ME 04103 (207) 774-2261, hours of operation: Store Hours, tuesday through Friday- 8:00am-5:00pm, saturday- 9:00am-4:00pm. The two players link elbows and on the signal, the pair run to the goal and back. . If the conductive beam touches the wire all those in contact with that beam are dead and must attempt another crossing. . The offered Plastic Button Bag is extensively used and appreciated for its ring to punch paper quality. He may then come back to his own side without being tagged. . Follow Tag Ask all players to find a partner. . The chaser can only push out a new runner who is facing the appropriate direction. . HIP!" Hug Tag A player is safe from being tagged only when they are hugging another player. .

Box the Leader, one player is chosen to be the Hen. A leader needs to be chosen for every group. Bombardment Pins, the game continues until there is one remaining couple. Bola, one leg lifted by their printing partner is allowed. If a player was tagged by a member of the opposite team while heshe was across the centre line.

Ring to punch paper

Make ring to punch paper a dividing line across the centre of the playing space. But they only have however long that the chicken makes it around the circle once. S knee, t already know, the person in the middle must ring to punch paper list as many things as they can from the topic.


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If he does, you take his place in the circle, and he becomes the leader. .Bop Bop (active/circle) The players start sitting in a circle. .the first team finished and sitting down is the winner.