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with long blond hair, long legs and a slim body are real beauties. Money is not everything in this world. But our geographical position is also a disadvantage. Do

you agree that bad habits, like smoking, can be dangerous? You can use the Internet blogs or special style programs to find walmart out what styles or clothes suit you. Key Vocabulary : random variable - a value based on the outcome of a random event. I like people who have individuality, who have their own style. What newspapers and magazines do you read? Friendship plays an important role in our life because we all need friends. Buy Permajet paper online today. I save money to buy cplr presents for my relatives so they are happy that I dont buy unnecessary things. I quite agree with the proverb «East or West home is best». There is a living-room, my parents room and my room in our flat. I am happy to live in a united family. I can rely on them in any situation and they are eager to help. There are always a great variety of programmes on TV: current affairs programmes and documentaries, plays and feature films, talk shows and TV games. Salespeople need to be friendly and persuasive, to get people buy their products. Is the family ever likely to disappear as an institute? Its always interesting to discover different ways of life, to visit different museums, to try different foods, and to listen to different kinds of music. But the best thing is not to worry about your clothes, but just try to be an interesting person. As far as I am interested in fashions I enjoy reading. According to the rules of the means, it. Do you buy it or borrow it from someone? She knows everything about modern music groups and singers. Let's talk about different types of houses. In Belarus people usually eat at home because they prefer home-made food. Which national dishes would you recommend him to taste? What do you do to keep fit? Read these words after. She usually shops in the nearest supermarket and buys everything we need for our family: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and sweets. Do you share this point of view? Cass Art sells PermaJet, the inkjet paper specialists producing pro ofing paper. Clothes are very important in our everyday life. A lot of people took part in different team games and sport quizes. Setting aside the obvious problems with such an argument, the rebar going around, but not through, Hole 4 effectively rebuts this claim. For me my family is the only place where I can find support and relaxation. Usually friendship between people grows when they have common interests and views, common ambitions.

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There are so many people who influence us in choosing our occupation.For some people, especially men, women with long blond hair, long legs and a slim body are real beauties.


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I think friends dont understand us as well as our parents and relatives.But I think its easier to make friends when you are a child because children are more open and sincere.Do you eat at home or at a café?