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British cuisine. They understand, respect and trust each other. My father is a friendly person and he is easy to talk. I absolutely agree with a wise saying Blood

is thicker than water. Fatty, salty and sweet fast food leads to cancer, dangerous cholesterol in blood, high blood pressure or heart disease. Nowadays the British dont have 5 oclock tea. They are served with sour cream. Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Lets talk about sport and a healthy way of life. I do theshopping in the nearest supermarket which has a good selection of goods and nice prices. Some people start smoking because they think its a kind of relaxation. What can you advise a person who wants to pay a compliment to his/her friend but doesnt know how to do it? Friendship is a million little things: talks, common interests, smiles, having fun and sharing sorrows. The most typical dinner consists of fish, meat, omelet, cheese, salads, and of course, tea. Do you think we should keep to a diet to be healthy and strong? Echo, park, paper offers bright, happy colors and easy-to-use designs for the novice and the expert crafter alike. If no, tell how you would do that?

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What is the best way of learning about the world?TV, music, magazines, our friends and even our parents influence our style.Have you already decided what you want to be?