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print out a coupon before heading to Hobby Lobby. Arent these flowers a huge dust collector? As I was contemplating the upcoming holiday, it only seemed natural to make

something out of paper flowers. You need crepe paper to have a stretch in it, to be easily moldable and to have that lovely thick rich feel that these Lia Griffith Crepe Papers. I went to, hobby Lobby and loaded up on cardstock in every color of the rainbow, literally. Or for a more rustic feel you might choose to do only tea printer for vinyl paper dyeing, its up to you! . It will inspire me every day as Im in my craft room making. Place a large dot of glue on the side of petal number one, under the lace. I also purchased, these cut files by Carina Gardner from the Silhouette Design Store. Were excited to be carrying Pacific Northwest artist Lia Griffiths line of high-quality German-made Crepe Papers and a smaller selection of Frosted Tissue Papers. We also have the 10 pack of assorted colors in the Heavy Crepe Paper. Let them soak for about 15 minutes. Step 2: Bring both corners up to the center, making a diamond. Now divide the smallest group in half; for instance, if you have 16 small flowers make two piles of eight. Make sure that it is held firm until it is dry. How can I make this project on Cricut? The number one reason people cant access the files is that they are at work and their work server blocks access to Google Drive. You can download the template here Video Tutorial. Turn them upside down, so that the pointed end of the flower faces. This is the most important petal as it will hold your flower together. Fourth of July decorations are my favorite.

Paper flower packs

If youve followed along here at The Craft Patch. If you learn better by seeing. Heres a short video tutorial that shows you exactly how to make the giant paper flowers. How could you not be inspired when you look up and see this. Your cut files are for Silhouette.

Paper flower packs

This post is made possible by my sponsors at Hobby Lobby. I spray them down with canned air or blow air out of my shop vac then vacuum the floor. Take your first flower from the line and hold the wire tightly to paper airplane alison krauss video the tip of the upside down flower.

I created a video tutorial to show you exactly how to make them.I cant open the free files.


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Step 6: Bring both sides together to form the petal.I just added the slits to the bottom of each flower petal to make them more.Firmly press petal number two against the glue dot and hold until it is sturdy.