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splendid example of why this group, and their superstar lead singer, have made such a powerful impact well outside of the bluegrass world where they got their start. Another

song that struck me on initial hearing. Waitin inside for the cold to get colder. Im pretty black white on what I think works, and it was feeling pretty grey. Paper Airplane is simply more of the same). The song choices are spot on, the sonic quality is rich and transparent, and the performances are universally outstanding. Its all acoustic, save a brief lap steel bit at the beginning of the title track, with no percussion or outside players on any of the 11 tracks. I was driving in the car, put the CD in, and three of the four songs hit me right away. Our love will die I know. This isnt about what somebody else is doing; its about what you want to express personally. We still toured all those years. Barry Bales had mentioned during the shoot for his AcuTab bass DVD that Krauss was experiencing a bit of anxiety over the process. 260 a Cambridge, MA : b Rounder, c 2011. That comes my way, anticipated rochester pleasure or unexpected pain, no choice I feel. That's why you'll find me, here all alone and still wondering why. Dimming Of The Day, written by Richard Thompson, whose 1952 Vincent Black Lightning was Del McCourys biggest hit. If youre a country music fan, youll love this album. Its beautiful how she puts it all together. We like being prepared and presenting the show in a given way. And love is hard to measure hidden in the rain. Krauss loves to sing with an intimate, whispering tone, like country music pillow talk, and that sensuality is part of what makes her so entrancing. Bonita and Bill Butler : 3 A particular oddity on Paper Airplane is the fact that Krauss covered two songs that had been previously and notably recorded by Bonnie Raitt, another critically-acclaimed female vocalist. And how many nights must I wake up alone. I told his wife how much I loved the song, and she made me a cell phone video of what he had. If you are going to do a song thats been made famous by someone, you gotta jump in the pool if you are going to get in the pool. And how many nights must I wake up alone? They range from modern grass (. We had a meeting coming up to try and decide about the last few songs, and I was desperate to show the guys. 01520cjm a2200409Ka vtls, nJQ.0 007 sd fsngnnmed s2011 maumunn n eng d 020.00 024 1 a a (OCoLC) a (OCoLC)ocn y z clee 040 a btcta b eng c btcta d TEF 047 a bg a cy 049 a main 050. Grassers who are wont to be annoyed by this sort of genre-bending acoustic music will be overlooking some of the best acoustic music in recent years if they use that as a reason to give it a miss. Its a lovely song, and features Alisons light, wispy vocal style to a T, but there is a good bit of meatier stuff on the CD as well. All the laurels are understandable, as this is a fine album with well-crafted songs and the tight, polished instrumental work of Union Station. It speaks to this albums essential identity crisis: Is it country or bluegrass?

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The group got together in 2009 to start choosing songs and cutting rhythm tracks. There are dates perth booked for April and May. He told me I think you would really like her songs. Dan Tyminski gets a couple of lead vocal numbers. One day he looked at me and said Al I just cant write these love songs anymore.

D a Paper airplane h sound recording paper airplane alison krauss video c Alison Kraus Union Station. But I prefer the faster narrative ballads like Bonita and Bill Butler. I dont want anybody to think that we didnt play together during that time. The two had performed together in paper airplane alison krauss video the past. I get headaches a run of migraines about a year and a half ago and that really made it tough overall. Ron had told me during the tracking for. I asked if this tour will be as structured as the last from akus. With set lighting cues and the like. M hoping I can hold, the love ballads are pretty, dipping low. A CD 100 1 a Krauss, iapos, lay My Burden Down.

I really like Aiofe she is great on so many levels.Some may say, but every silver lining always seems to have a cloud.V8Rab_I2lI54 Equally striking is Bonita And Bill Butler, a Sidney Cox composition Tyminski sings.


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I like to stay out of the business part of it as much as I can.That comes my way, anticipated pleasure or unexpected pain, no choice I fear.