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years ago Uploaded 4 years ago Uploaded 5 years ago Loading. 3, give your puppet some extra bite. Then, with each ear facing up, apply glue along the extra strip and stick that to the back of the bag, behind the flap. Draw the tongue below the crease that you find under the flap. Then trim by cutting around the outline of the mouth. Add a photo Upload error Awesome picture! We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Use a stiff sheet of construction paper or thin cardboard for more durability. Ive used simple supplies so that you can make these today with your kids! You are surely going to have a whale of a time. Dragon Paper Bag Puppet Santa Claus Paper Bag Puppet for Christmas What else could be a better way to hide the Christmas gifts for the young ones in the house than a Santa-themed puppet made out of paper bag? Design a pair of legs with pencil. Use the entire width of the flap to create an exaggerated mouth if desired, or a smaller one in proportion to the other facial features. For the Jack OLantern, use an orange marker to draw on lines. Glue fabric swatches onto the bag. Cow Paper Bag Puppet Paper Bag Mouse Puppet Mouse Paper Bag Puppet Paper Bag Owl Puppet Craft If you are planning to add some activities to your party, then try playing a guessing game with the puppet. 6, use your puppet. Monkey Paper Bag Puppet, halloween Monster Paper Bag Puppets. 3, draw the face. Curl your fingers up and under the flap.

Making brown paper bag puppets, Quote book research paper

Click here to share your story. Trace your first cutout on more construction paper or cardboard to create a second cutout. How about slipping a surprise gift into it for her. Are you ready to turn your abode into a haunted land. Use colored pipe nice paper plates cleaners instead, markers, the way the brown bags have been adorned with different scrap materials is worth appreciating. Add the throat and uvula above the crease if desired. Ll Need As many paper bags as there are kids participating Crayons.

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Making brown paper bag puppets

Ve used for the bag itself. Keep the bottom flap facing, be gentle nicholas t funderburg phd with your hand as you slip it in or out of the puppet. Outline each arm separately with pencil. Where the edge of the flap meets. Snowman Paper Bag Puppet Paper Bag Pumpkin for Halloween Pumpkin Paper Bag Puppet Recycled Paper Bag Monster Puppet DIY Monster Paper Bag Puppet Flying Squirrel Paper Bag Puppet Squirrel Paper Bag Puppet Early Bird Paper Bag Puppet Isnt it a lovely baby shower gift for. Cut out holes on the sides and put your baby finger and thumb in there as hands.

Okay #10006, method 1 Creating a Simple Puppet 1, lay the paper bag on its smooth side.Question How can I make a cartoon character?5, use yarn to make mustaches and beards as well.


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For birds, make cutouts of feathers from construction paper.Brown Paper Bag Puppets, paper Bag Dog Puppet DIY, keeping in mind the technology-driven world most of us are residing in, the kiddos would find the idea of hand puppets interesting and different.