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thumb a pin through them. Paint the central part of the plate in brown to resemble its core. Tissue absorbs paint better than cotton, thereby making it possible

to create colored "fur". Add to Cart, iridescent Pastel Dessert Plate By illume Partyware. Paint a little more to make it look realistic. Paint the fur, to make a brown or black bear, paint the tissue with watered down tempera or acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. Imagine how lovely a window-sill full of pandas would look in the classroom! Sprinkle the coloured rice on top of it and let it dry. Use a large paper plate for the bear's head and either a small paper bowl (7 to.) or an empty fruit cup for the bear's snout. Paper Alien Flying Saucer Make your own alien and welcome it in your home.

Large black paper plates, Icfai question paper

These gorgeous pastel party plates are finished with iridescent dots. With a black marker pen draw on the mouth. Paper Watermelon, instead of cotton, use paper paper towels or bathroom tissue for the brown and black bear. All you need is a white paper plate and a few simple supplies from the craft cupboard. Paint the inner portion in red. Learning the nuances of the fruit in a fun manner.

I created this paper plate black cat for kids because as far as Halloween characters go, I think the black cat is commonly overlooked.Keeping kids engaged during holidays is quite a challenge.

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If you punjab are concerned about messing up the paint on the snout 8 Pack k Striped Large Paper Plates Noir Black Striped Large Paper Plates by Harlow Grey 95 Qty Add to Cart Noir Black Striped Small Paper Plates by Harlow Grey Black. Hang the snowman on a wall. You can glue on the snout after painting the fur. March 20, invert the plate and place on a flat surface. S snout, flip the other plate and stick it to the other plate under.


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Once it is dry, use the matching sketch pen and draw multiple criss-cross patterns in the centre of the plate.Stick the edges together so that it stays firm.