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buy it) plus shipping if youre ordering online like I do! At least a few weeks, if not longer! Step 10: Knead the ball until its completely smooth.

The photos are now a little bigger and brighter and I updated my watermark. Once I reached into the microwave to grab a ball of fondant and had it pool out over my fingers. What colors do you use? Add 1-3 teaspoons per pound depending on how soft the fondant is, how long I can let it dry, etc. If it begins to get sticky, knead in some powdered sugar to off-set the extra moisture from the coloring and shortening. Knead after you warm it each time. When youre ready to use it, unwrap it, knead it and roll it out! You just dont want cracks/seams all over. Heres the important part: fondant can get hot spots in it and actually be boiling on the inside and still look perfectly normal on the outside. Thats just my experience. You can, but I recommend gum paste instead ( Satin Ice gum paste is my favorite). When I double it as I did in these pictures 6 pounds. rub some shortening on your hands and knead the color into the fondant. Step 13: Let it rest! Now here are some questions Ive been asked over and over again in emails, in comments (some still below on Facebook, etc. Step 3: Stir and microwave for another minute. Ask me how I know! Enter your email below and youll be able to immediately download a pretty printable recipe! Step 4: If you want/need to color an entire batch of fondant a single color do it now! Usually by the time I get the color right, the texture is shot and I still cant use. A note about gray yes, I could just use black but it always ends up looking a little purple. West Elm, mark Graham. How do you make bold colored fondant (black, red, royal blue, green etc.) without it turning into a sticky mess? If the color is not as intense as you want, add more. How long do marshmallows last? Now that Ive been doing it for awhile, I can make a batch (or double batch) of fondant in 10-12 minutes.

Kitchenaid perfect tear paper towel holder

This shouldnt take more than a minute or two. I like to work with it while its plenty paper warm. Ive included ingredients for a single batch. But not completely see the second picture. Contact Us, etc, you could also add almond, if you have others. You may reach, i try to keep the texture as normal as possible throughout the process and not let it get too sticky at any point. Strawberry it might make it pink. The mess only gets bigger, after youve done as much damage as you can with a spatula.

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However, be careful here, lets get started, its a tricky balance and not something Ive mastered but I hope those tips help. Step 12, before you get started please know that I absolutely love questions and comments. Step 8, the post includes notes just below here that are important. Can you make decorations andor decorations to kitchenaid perfect tear paper towel holder stand up on a cake with marshmallow fondant and if so how long do they need to dry for before adding them to the cake. And Brown fondant if you make your own MMF. Why do you buy Satin Ice Red. I tried chocolate brown fondant a few times and while it worked out once or twice. Stirring after each until its completely smooth. I recommend microwaving in 30 second intervals. Im a cake decorator not a photographer and I had a hard time getting all the pics I wanted.

Then wrap it in two layers of plastic wrap!  Ive started adding a teaspoon or two of clear vanilla to each batch and its really good! You can read more about both of those in this Q A post!


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I use Americolor Gel Colors 99 of the time.How do I color fondant if its already made?