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financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession have made it abundantly clear how important it is to have people around who know and understand what's going on in

the economy. These days, you can get. Investment banking, economic consulting) The impact you can have in these jobs i want a phd in economics tends to be more direct and focused on specific issues than in academia. Im not exactly sure which PhDs fall into this category, but my guess is that it includes marketing, applied math and statistics, finance, computer science, accounting, and management. First, there is the fact that an econ PhD program is still a PhD program. Coursework, much of the benefit of.B.A. You will surely get an immersion baptism in graduate economics, but this turns out to be much, much narrower than you might think based on your undergraduate economics classes. Programs and their real purpose (to produce professors). See this guide to getting into an economics, phD program. Well, actually, I lied, no one asks me that.

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Contributing phd in original ways. Economics, and show others that you are serious about economics. Except I now work shorter hours and get paid a great county deal more.

I think an, economics.Is a terrific option for many people.But before you dive in, I think you need to ask yourself if the people described as succeeding at it sound like you.

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Are good at math and enjoy formal models in economics Are willing to study 70 hours findings per week Love intellectual pursuits and have a strong drive to do write selfdirected research. Overall, commonly given advice is that you should only do an economics PhD if you. Try reading published papers in major journals. The high degree of autonomy you get means there is little external structure on your time. The purpose, which doesnt force me to work 80 hours a week.


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If you are unsure of your area of interest within economics or if you are keen to have the broader training afforded by economics, an econ program would be a better option for you.The third group, in Prof Cowen's words: "3.