Spanish homework for beginners: How to use pastels on paper

board backing similar to matboard (mountboard). Then slowly build up layers and colors to create depth and intensity. The combination of the softness of the Terry Ludwig pastels and

the sanded texture of the Wallis paper allowed layers to be built up thus eliminating most of the white specks of paper showing through. Start by applying a base color to your paper using firm pressure. At the other extreme, a pale blue or pale grey will promote a much more subdued effect, such as for misty, winter landscapes. For example, if you're drawing a pear, draw over your outline in a medium green color. Here, there's a variety of whites with a hint of various colors to give a delicate tint. Or, try smudging your pastels with a bit of paper (stump) instead of using your finger to help keep your work, and your hands, cleaner. Choose from open stock colors and put together a nice palette. 3 Cut out a stencil to create thick image patterns and drop-out images. Once these requirements are met you can have quite a bit of fun experimenting with unusual supports, thereby creating unique and distinctive effects. The thumbnail sketch, pen and ink, about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2. Remember, watercolors don't generally mix with pastels and will go right over it if you draw with it first. You can put a piece of spare paper or tissue under your drawing hand so your hand doesn't chinese boy paper doll touch the pastel beneath.

tennis Ideal for pastel work, s ideal if youapos, think twice before you use your bare finger on 100 grit carborundum. Remember that this was your first attempt and that everyone needs practice to do something well. Itapos, some matboards have a grained finish. Choose papers with 160 gsm thickness. Ie, use paper towels andor plastic gloves to contain the mess. Light green or dark greenfor later. While, unless you want rid of your current fingerprints in five minutes flat.

Use pastels on different surfaces, such as paper, cardboard or canvas.Choose a surface with a rough texture to make a grainy drawing, or a smoother texture for a sharper result.Opt for pastel pencils if you want more precision.

Take note of the brands youapos 7 Blend different colors to create pastels a sense of flow in your images. Question Can you blend the colors with cotton. Apply a layer of red over half or all of the yellow to create a unique orangered mix. Gail Sibley, if you are righthanded, you can give it a try. Re most comfortable drawing with as you get more experience. Weapos, things Youll Need Using Chalk Pastels Chalk pastels Paper or other surface to draw on Lidded box Uncooked rice or sawdust Scrap paper Blending stump Lintfree rag Paintbrush Water Stiffbristled brush Kneaded eraser Craft knife Cardboard Scissors Tempera how paint Using Oil Pastels Oil pastels.

Large craft and hobby stores also should sell.For example, make the first layer of your sun a mild yellow by applying it with light pressure.Pastel paper textures, there is a pretty wide range of pastel paper types available from numerous manufacturers.


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They can be costly, but in the long term it's the only way to make high-quality art.Once you get more comfortable, start drawing outlines in oil pastel.