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Pound shop, but you could also use watercolour paper too. Gently stretch out a few cotton balls to form puffy clouds. Start by spraying your canvas so that the

tissue paper sticks. Use white school glue to create a thin line of glue on the outside edge of the rainbow shape you have drawn. I homework can see us doing this a lot more and experimenting with different patterns and shapes too. Use a hair dryer to quickly dry the second coating of acrylic gesso. Become a member of Easy Peasy and Fun membership and gain access to our exclusive craft templates and educational printables. Before he removed the tissue paper once it was dry. Tissue Paper Flower Craft, you can make a wonderful flower bouquet by making this tissue paper flower craft. No need to separate the colors either at this point. Outline the composition of your image by creating textured shapes, such as a body of water, mountains, animals and other objects. The gesso coating should be thick and pasty when applied to extend its drying time. No need to be detailed here, just make a rough shape guide that will make it easier to make your tissue paper rainbow. Related Posts (Visited 11,953 times, 1 visits today). It turned out even better than we could have imagined. Maxi added a colour at a time, spraying more water as needed. Apply an acrylic sealer to your finished project when using three-dimensional elements to prevent them from being damaged or falling off. Tip, apply the acrylic gesso as you place the torn tissue paper pieces on the canvas if you prefer to work more slowly. Glue the cotton balls at the end of the rainbow. As an added bonus, creating texture with tissue paper involves few materials. This will give your image added meaning, emotional depth and visual texture. This will seal your texture and allow for a more consistent paint application.

Nuts, continue with all other colors of the rainbow. Place your bounty paper towel price at walmart canvas on top of the newspaper sheets. Dont stress about the colors, apply a second coating of acrylic how to insert paper in brother tray mfc j5620dw gesso once the previous coating is dry and the tissue paper pieces are in place. This will help to create a seamless texture on your canvas. What you need, older more skilled kids can draw the whole rainbow. Need a quick fancy looking gift for grandma.

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This tissue paper rainbow canvas art is a great project for young kids as they will work on their fine motor skills and for older ones as its just so pretty looking. Making it ideal for quickly creating texture ink on the flat surface of a canvas. Tissue paper is convenient to work with since it has a coarse texture that wrinkles easily. You can buy specific art tissue paper for bleeding. However, unlock VIP Printables Become a Member. This would love beautiful if you just added the tissue paper confetti in random order too. So they started by sorting the confetti into colours 333shares, tissue paper is generally inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk at retail stores that sell wrapping paper and gift supplies.

Lets make a Tissue Paper Rainbow Canvas Art. This beautiful bleeding tissue paper canvas art was created with confetti circles and is fun process art activity for kids of all ages.Apply the torn tissue paper pieces to the wet acrylic gesso, gently scrunching the pieces once they are in place to give them texture.


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Apply a coat of white acrylic gesso to the entire surface of the canvas using a paintbrush.From the colors of the rainbow to the phenomena itself.