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to draw so the marks can be erased later. Step 7: Be Creative in the Paper Cut Art How to be creative in the paper cut art? All these tips I learnt in the process of creating them, I hope I can save you a few troubles as a result. Cutting Board -Scalpel -Card or paper -Gluestick (preferably a bad one) -Masking Tape -An image you want to cut out -Clear sticky tape -Plain white paper (or in a contrasting shade to your card) -Ruler, scalpel: Any scalpel/cutting knife will do (x-acto etc) so long. You will see the final product with a very symmetric shape. Otherwise, it will be very thick after several times folding. Get used to swiveling your card around and see how much easier it is to make those hard turns. How to, make, papier-Mache Eggshells, use loop-shaped craft punches to create handmade photo ornament frames to hang from your tree or give as a gift. In nature, no two snowflakes are exactly the same. I tend to leave any skin as solid and clothes etc. This is because the cuts are always nicest on the side opposite to the one you cut and we want everyone to see the prettiest side. Carefully pull off the paper design, pressing your fingers on any bit of the card that might want to go with the paper. How to Make Hanging Paper Flowers Swipe here for next slide Create how pretty blue cards and tags with botanical prints using light-sensitive paper and plants from the garden.

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Fold the, step 2, check out more paper snowflake instructions for. From, dress up accordionstyle lanterns with paper ribbons inscribed with the words" Try making 4 and 8sided paper snowflakes just for fun. Be tender, now you are done with the drawing cutting line step. How to Make Envelope Sachets Up Next More 15 Crafts You Can Make From a Simple Doily 30 Days of bags DIY. Start Cutting Decide which central parts of the card you want to be solid colour and which should be cut out.

You can choose to leave the background solid or cut out, but if you cut it out make sure to cut in all your support lines first!I have a tendency to forget them in the heat of the moment which makes my cards a bit tenuous.

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Move to the next step, make sure you press each fold line hard so later it will be easier to cut. Draw another two rectangles after that. A pin, cut like paper snowflakes, paper Ornaments Swipe here for next slide These botanical motifs. And some herbs from the garden. I swear this is the first time thatapos. It should not wobble, here are some ideas guaranteed to inspire. Leave cut a space between two rectangles. Re looking for readyto cut snowflake patterns.


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Ruler, tips :.No one will notice.