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on your giraffe. More Fun Paper Plate Animal Crafts Youll Love. Paper plate giraffe craft, kids love painting paper plates! Directions, after gathering supplies, paint 3 paper plates yellow

and 2 paper plates pink. We used pencil first and then traced it with black marker. Besides a traditional wreath sales and inventory system thesis free download or door hanging, the writers at Kids Activity Blog are considering decorating our entire front doors while decorating the rest of the yard. These paper plate polar emery paper 180 grit bear masks are always a bit hit! I love summer camp!

Giraffe paper plate craft

Find Shmootz In Your Home, shark paper plate craft, he shouted a lot and he laughed all the time. Glue the horns and snout to the giraffe. Find Shmootz in your home with this fun activity. Comments 35 radian research white paper OF THE best jacantern patterns. Then use the marker to draw a nose and mouth on the giraffe. Draw a nose and mouth on your giraffe. Set the giraffes head aside, dab brown circles around the plate. Large Paper Plate Yellow Tissue Paper YellowBlack Cardstock School Glue Scissors Stapler First cut your yellow tissue paper into small squares let the kids practice their cutting skills Take your paper plate and put a good amount epr paper 1935 of glue all over. Paper Plate Giraffe kid craft idea. You might also like, allow the glue to dry completely.

A simple way for kids to create a paper plate giraffe craft.Fun a nimal crafts after visiting the zoo, summer kids craft and paper plate craft.

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Giraffe paper plate craft

This is the story of how the littlest Egret proved to giraffe paper plate craft Laughing Giraffe that you dont need to be loud to be heard. My son giraffe paper plate craft looked at the picture of Gerald in the book and saw that he had some brown at the bottoms of his ears. It was also inspired by a favorite childrens book. A safari themed school week or just because I hope our simple craft idea inspires YOU. So whether you decide to make this fun DIY idea in honor of the book mentioned above. As an added bonus to todays post here is our take on another kid craft idea we made with a giraffe print cupcake liner we found at our local Walmart check the party section. Your giraffe is done, think eyes, easy. On a sheet of yellow paper I used a different shade of yellow than what we painted the paper plate draw two ears and a large circle for the giraffe muzzle. An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking.


Could use for a zoo theme unit etc

Glue 2 large wiggly eyes to the middle of the yellow plate.Need something to do with your kid today?