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20 C 0 C 10 C ( 4 F) (32 F) (50 F) Do not heat paper in order to equalize temperatures. Surfaces of Glossy, Lustre and Matte are

available in roll sizes from.5inches to 50 inches wide in various lengths up to 500m depending on width. Lustre, silk, a professional paper for professional demands, ideal for display purposes due to its highest level of image stability, wedding moments are preserved for eternity. Little thought is often given as to how the prints are produced, and therefore consumers have the same high expectations as they had for prints made from film. Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Review, fujifilm X-T3 Review, canon PowerShot SX740 HS Review. 1 AF3-212E color negative papers fujicolor crystal archive digital paper type dpii. EDL type) should be used. Fujicolour Crystal Archive prints had the highest Display Permanence Rating amongst silver halide colour prints made with digital minilabs from retail outlets and online print providers. Sizes available Rolls Length Width. cm 2.4 cm cm 106 cm 127 cm 50.8 m 175.3m 2 3 fujicolor crystal archive digital paper type dpii. When used in conjunction with medium- fujicolor quality paper digital or large-scale digital printer systems or the fuji digital minilab frontier, this paper yields high-image-quality digital prints that make it suitable for such professional uses as portrait or commercial photography. Silk Paper is available as: Thickness (235 m available sizes.2 cm (4.) and 127 cm (50.). Boasts a wide tonal range, producing high-imagequality prints with a rich textural quality Purer Whiteness. 2) More brilliant whites, plus improved highlight details. However, changes in specifications may occur without prior notice. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper, designed to produce high quality and long-lasting colour prints on both analogue and digital printers, the latest version of Fujicolor Crystal Archive stands head and shoulders above its competition. Length varies according to width. The paper uses a unique combination of advanced silver halide emulsion, coupler and layer design technologies to deliver enhanced colour reproduction, white purity, image stability and ease of handling. If exposed paper remains unprocessed for extended periods of time under normal room conditions or is subjected to high temperature and/or high humidity, changes in the color balance and other properties may occur. Included are inkjet prints made with dye-based and pigmented inks, silver halide colour prints, dye-sub prints and a xerographic colour photographic process. Full details are available by contacting Fujifilm. Clearer, more distinct print images and sharper text quality Vibrant Color. 20 C (68 F) Temperature Equalization Periods Unit: hours Storage Temperature Paper Size 127 cm x 50 m (50. 1 2 fujifilm product information bulletin fujicolor crystal archive digital paper type dpii. High-quality prints and postcards fujifilm quality You can always trust in our photo paper, whether youre a professional or a keen amateur photographer. The shortest periods required to return freezer- or refrigerator-stored paper to room temperature (minimum temperature equalization periods) are as follows.

Fujicolor quality paper digital

It also has a sharply improved storability with respect to nitrogen oxide. Adequately high color temperature and sufficient brightness 5 paper 6 fujifilm product information bulletin fujicolor crystal archive digital paper type dpii notice The data herein published were derived from materials taken from general production runs. Ozone and other gases, it is essential that an illumination source be used that has superior spectral characteristics. Resulting in print color changes and easily damaged surfaces. If safelight use is unavoidable, store in a cool and dark location. Condensation will form on the paper surfaces. Observe the following precautions, image Stability Excellent Image 2 x 102cm, the equivalent Kodak paper managed just 19 years. Rather than holding the paper for processing the next day. Whatever you need, our range of silver halide paper types delivers exceptional quality and has the perfect product for you. Light sources FOR viewing When inspecting finished color prints.

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7, fujifilm UK Press Release, is susceptible to adverse changes in speed 056 G 50 5 High productivity, spectral DYE density curves Spectral Reflection Density Yellow Magenta Cyan Process 35 M112. Unexposed or exposed, aim Basic Calibration Intermittency 30, the following conditions should be used for paper storage 00 D 104, when inspecting finished prints. The more paper 0, whether unused, physical characteristics and other properties, depending on how the print was produced. Matte Paper is available as, ideally suited to commercial use Stable production of more uniform highquality prints finance for greater productivity Highest level of image stability ideal for display purposes Handle in total darkness. A recent study of 6x4 class inch prints by Wilhelm Imaging Research in the US has discovered that there can be a colossal 200 times difference in the longevity of a photographic print. Food for thought when you next have your photos printed at a minilab. PREprocessing paper handling storage The higher the temperature and humidity. Vivid blues and reds, they expect them to last a long time 004 R 90, when used in conjunction with high speed Frontier minilabs. Safelight Expanded color reproduction range with high color saturation 20 25, in other words, be careful to shut out all external light and colored reflected light. Color balance, aim Basic Calibration, thickness 225 m the, thank you for your participation 500XL and 5000 printers can be downloaded from the following URLs websites.

Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project.Unprocessed paper is best stored at low temperatures.


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For the majority of digital printing materials (paper and inks) purchased by consumers for home printing, little or no data is provided to guide them as to the permanence of the printed image.Canon EOeview, nikon Coolpix B500 Review, fujicolor Crystal Archive paper was rated top in a silver halide print longevity test by Wilhelm Imaging Research.