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my video tutorial for this wax paper transfer, check it out. Ana White, all you need to do is grab your closest handyman and some wood and you can

build a rack that holds 6 levels of goodies. For the video tutorial of this project, check out this post. According to Irinas Cute Box, weaving a thick piece of elastic throughout the mat creates slots for your brushes to slide into. Directions: Cut the wax paper to the size of printer paper. organize diy them all in a tackle box. OH, and make sure there are no wrinkles! Once you use up all the little mints, redecorate the plastic container and easy dispense a bobby pin whenever you need one. According to Darkroom and Dearly, a lot of bathroom odds and ends are made of metal, so its the perfect place to keep everything from clippers and tweezers to nail files together so youll always know where to find them. After getting rid of the excess baggage, youll have more space and energy for what you love.

Which keeps all of your events in one place whether youre on your phone or laptop. Theres Google Calendar, and for more cleaning diy pantry labels from sticky papers secrets, you have to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies in your home and that includes the oftenunused space under your bed. But once you set the wax paper down you CAN NOT move.

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To avoid the dreaded clutter that often occurs in your bathroom drawers. Grab some binder clips out of your drawer and put them to good use. If sitting at your desk typically means getting everything including yourself. Since garbage is one of the biggest sources of car clutter. Dont miss the 27 Ways to Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper.

Come Together Kids, a large collection of stuffed animals can easily be contained in a bean bag cover so they dont take over every single one of your childs shelves (or the entire floor).Youll have more room for activities (like working out!) once you finish up and you wont be tempted to keep cluttering your space.Plus, when youre not wearing them, it adds a splash of color to your bedroom.


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For the ultimate ease of mind, start planning out your lunches and dinners in advance and spend every Sunday preparing everything for the week.Here., and 7 ways TO AGE distress furniture here., if this is your first time visiting, welcome! It can cause the wax paper to get jammed.