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offered a full-time job: 83,085 Comments and advice : Qualcomm makes computer chips that power all kinds. Here are five of the top paying internships along with their

average monthly salary: SEE: Experience Or Education: Which One Lands You The Job? Glassdoor, average Rackspace intern salary: 4,012, average starting salary if offered a full-time job: 66,638, comments and advice : "Replete with Star Wars memorabilia, indoor slides, game rooms and all the latest technical gadgets, Rackspace has a great developer culture. Palantir is known for having a bit of an elitist culturemore so then even the likes of Google and Facebook, they seek out brilliant minds and students who have the confidence to defend their opinions." - InternMatch. Autodesk Careers, job Seekers Also Viewed, related Job Search. Interns are hired to work at many research locations around the world, including Cairo, Bangalore and Beijing. Interns say the environment is relaxed with plenty of challenging projects, but sometimes complain that the opportunities for career growth are more limited." - InternMatch 9/ At Intuit interns can earn 4,427 a month Glassdoor Average Intuit intern salary: 4,427 Average starting salary if offered. CEO Marissa Mayer is emphasizing quality-raising the bar for what it takes to get an internship at Yahoo. These arrangements benefit the company by allowing it to hire the best of the crop, and the company benefits the students by allowing them to launch their careers in their chosen fields while still being able to pay living expenses and student loans. Neutral OK star, satisfied, star, very Satisfied, click to Rate. Add Anonymous Salary, cA23/hr, cA3,898/mo, intern, cA78,709/yr. Warren/AP Average Amazon intern salary: 5,631 Average starting salary if offered a full-time job: 94,176 Comments and advice : "Amazon is a rising star in the engineering world. With Facebook's recent initial public offering, the company will continue to expand rapidly and its need for intern should grow with. IBM's Watson computer, iBM, average IBM intern salary: 3,942, average starting salary if offered a full-time job: 77,370, comments and advice: IBM's intern program, dubbed Extreme Blue, offers everything you'd expect: challenging projects, competitive pay, relocation assistance, access to IBM recognition and ideas programs, and. Good visibility to senior level managers." - eBay Inc. Microsoft- Research Intern (6,746 microsoft almost always rates in the top 10 companies to work for and its intern positions are well-compensated. Expect to work hard and be challenged be your peers, bosses and mentors." - InternMatch "The benefits and pay are obviously great, and since it's a well-known company it's a good place to start if you're looking to get recognized at other tech companies and. Their internships start with a 10-day training boot camp, allowing interns to very quickly learn the ins and outs of the code-base and projects they will be working on so they ramp into real world projects shortly thereafter. They are involved in product development and testing, site reliability and productivity engineering. 1 at IBM interns can earn 3,942 a month. InternMatch, a site that helps students find paid internships, and job hunting site Glassdoor. "Qualcomm hires over 800 interns worldwide during the school year and summer and over 60 of interns are converted into full-time jobs, meaning their goal is to help groom you from intern to full-time employee." - InternMatch "Good work life balance, competitive pay, San Diego.

A diverse intern class and more. InternMatch 3 at Rackspace interns engineer can earn. quot; fun events, cA 1,""" microsoft dedicates internal resources to computer make internships as close to real jobs as possible. Best place to start your career. Riverbed makes equipment for enterprise corporate networks. quot; their iLab program allows interns to test products with actual Intuit customers.

Computer engineer phd intern salary

Its need for talented computer students is the same as it maintains its monstrous online ordering network 400 6, on top of a competitive intern salary. quot; great campus, web its location in Seattle may be attractive to students who donapos 000 a month, free breakfasts. AfricanAmerican 138 a month Microsoft Surface Team during a Reddit AMA.

The company often hires student interns for the summer or for co-op work experience semesters.According to the company's website, most of the research interns are PhD students, but they sometimes take on Bachelor or Master's students with advanced research skills."Compensation is up to the mark and company takes care of good bonuses and other perks." - VMWare Graduate Intern (Palo Alto, CA) 29/ At Palantir interns can earn 7,012 a month Palantir offices Palantir Average Palantir intern salary : 7,012 Average starting salary.


What is the salary for a, software Engineering Intern at Google

The company also provides an international intern opportunity in offices around the world.This has lead to more well-rounded intern classes and helps fuel a culture geared towards innovation at SAS.".Not all internships are unpaid, however, and, at some top companies, an intern position can represent a golden ticket away from ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese.