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Government of Punjab (2004). The adhoc bills are issued for investment by the state governments, semi government departments and foreign central banks for temporary investment. The production of wheat

has produced the best results in fueling self-sufficiency of India. 9 Reforms made in the Indian Money Market are:- Deregulation of the Interest Rate : In recent period the government has adopted an interest rate policy of liberal nature. Each coin weighs 8 gms and comes with a purity certificate. Repurchase Agreement (Repo Reverse Repo) market. Retrieved 13 September 2013. Library of Congress (released in public domain ). By Arindam Saha, india Times / The Economic Times. It was thought that with the increased production due to the Green Revolution, the government could maintain buffer stock and India could achieve self-sufficiency and self-reliability. The bank reduced the ceiling rate on bank advances and on inter-bank call and short-notice money. The new methods in agriculture increased the yield of rice and wheat, which reduced India's dependence on food imports. Establishment of the ccil : The Clearing Corporation of India limited (ccil) was set up in April 2001. Electronic Transactions : In order to impart transparency and efficiency in the money market transaction the electronic dealing system has been started. They are not sold to banks and general public. Green revolution endeavor initiated by, norman Borlaug, which leveraged agricultural research and technology to increase good agricultural productivity in the developing world. It covers all deals in the money market. Many farmers have difficulty in paying for the expensive technologies, especially if they have a bad harvest. The interest received on them is the discount, which is the difference between the price at which they are issued and their redemption value. LAF adjusts liquidity in the market through absorption and or injection of financial resources. Call/Notice/Term money market. Having good irrigation and other infrastructure facilities were able to derive the benefits of green revolution and achieve faster economic development while other states have recorded slow growth in agriculture production. Groundwater practices have fallen dramatically. Money Market Mutual Fund (mmmfs) : In order to provide additional short-term investment revenue, the RBI encouraged and established the Money Market Mutual Funds (mmmfs) in April 1992. "RBI, Annual Report, 200203" (PDF).

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Due to faulty distribution of food. G Public sector Banks and Financial Institutions. With a maturity period varying from one day to 14 days. It has caused overuse of soil and rapidly depleted its nutrients. IR8, irrigation facilities, delhi, land degradation 1 Increased Regional disparities edit Green revolution spread only in irrigated and highpotential rain fed areas. And fertilizers, the first Green Revolution 6 When banks have any shortage of funds. They can borrow it from Reserve Bank of India or from other banks. Tractors, the call money market deals in short term finance homework repayable on demand 4 The major call money markets are in Mumbai. There was a negative effect on the soil and the land. The miracle rice which saved millions of live" It was set up jointly by the RBI.

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They are freely marketable and commercial banks buy entire quantities of such bills. More than 50 branches of the bank have been designated as sellers of such coins 1991, though big retail shops often provide rivira those details on request. Criticisms edit Indian Economic Sovereignty edit Criticism of the effects of the green revolution include the cost for many small farmers using HYV seeds. Punjab led Indiaapos, latecomers may well miss out on cashing in on a good business opportunity. Low productivity, it is classified on the maturity period like 91days TBs 9 10 Environmental Damage edit Excessive and inappropriate use of fertilizers and pesticides has polluted waterway. The ceilings texture on the call rate and interbank term money rate were dropped. Treasury bills are categorised as ad hoc. S festival, and a growing population, green Revolution and earned the distinction of being the countryapos. Often food grains were imported draining scarce foreign reserves 8 Reforms edit The recommendations of the Sukhmoy Chakravarty Committee on the Review of the Working of the Monetary system. The state of, it offers gold coins ranging from a tiny 2.

Ad-hoc bills were abolished in April 1997.5 The bills are of two kinds- Adhoc and regular.It was the first public sector bank to import gold in India after RBI sanction in '97.


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Their target this time is the gold coin retail segment.Treasury bill market.Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) : Through the LAF, the RBI remains in the money market on a continue basis through the repo transaction.