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for your next art lesson. Do you love directed drawings as much as I do? If your class hasnt used watercolour paints before, you should demonstrate how to

make proper brush strokes with a paintbrush and the water to paint ratio. Your label can invite people to take a thought, leave a thought, or both! Curl the top of the pipe cleaners around in spirals. So I had a neat idea, the next step was to decide how to visually represent good thoughts clearly, this called for something a little more fancy than little ripped scraps of paper. This forms the antennae ends. The butterfly really pops when left against a white background. I recommend proper paper meant for art because it can handle the water and paint and shouldnt tear the paper if used properly. This heart should be the size that you want the card.

I recommend hanging them up or creating a fun bulletin board display for spring. Wedding Invitation, you can download and print the butterfly shaped writing paper instructions for the spring butterfly directed drawing to use in your classroom during your art lesson. Pattern, butterfly, add glitter glue, valentine S Day, place a large white piece of art paper in landscape butterfly shaped writing paper orientation.

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It was a delightful thought and I was all ready to start my own jar. I didnt have any empty mason jars hanging around at the time. But there was just one problem.


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Finish with a circle in the center of the leftover space.Then cut out the paper shape, as this is going to be your template.