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order. . Where Nice People Answer the Phone! Primitive Online Shopping at Its Best! As big as we are in the binder industry, its only part of what we offer. But if for some reason you cant find exactly what you need, is still your solution. If you can imagine it, we can manufacture. brings together quality products and services from two leaders in the binder and custom packaging industryVulcan Information Packaging and American Thermoplastic Company. Stock # or more 46034 black. ea 46034 blue, burgundy or green. ea Extra 6 hole little tiny paper for above little tiny binders - Ruled or Blank Stock # Size. Stock # Color # /Pk 1-7 pks 8-19 pks 20 pks or more B132453 plain cream.88.88.28 B133053 ruled cream.88.88.28 B133001 ruled blue.88.04.92 song B133015 ruled lavender.88.04.92 B133007 ruled pink. If you can't find it, please call. manufactures and imprints many types of packaging, including custom products for specific needs. A well-thought-out proposal thats professional in appearance and design is the type of detail that lands business. Little binders for sheet size 3 3/4" x 6 3/4 " These are the Mead 46034 little ring binder with six rings. . For more samples and full range of packaging products we offer, visit our new packaing website m, never underestimate the importance of details, especially when they involve your custom 3 ring binder and packaging presentation. ( with possibly 1 exception ) Proud member of the I Hate Voicemail Association!

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