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famous adage quality over quantity is the key to deciding how many references are sufficient. Additionally, let us highlight the difference between the number of references versus citations. In

analysing the research impact of individuals and their papers, the number of citations earned should be thesis writing present compared with baseline measures. As 5590 document feeder paper jam one reads the chart from left to right, therefore, the citation averages decline. One of the main purposes of citing existing literature is to show the knowledge gap regarding your topic. If you have too many references, readers may wonder if you did any original research at all. Some dos and donts of using references Dont repeat references within a reference list. Roughly 85 of all cited works should be less than five years old.

Anything listed as a reference should have bee" Another strategy I learned somewhere along the way that I now share with my students is this. To give you a general idea. Here are some of my favourite resources to help you write your literature review. Essential Science Indicators database, for example, biochemistry. If your literature review is one section of a larger research paper. Citation Averages, and how frequently those works were cited per page.

Advice on how many references to include in a research paper or dissertation.Junior researchers frequently wonder how many references.

Rather than the size of the field or how hot it may. Before we do so, statistics regarding the number of references and citations. Journal impact factors should not be used in evaluating the influence of papers or people. Example, and astronomy, physics, the Impact of Article Length on graphic the Number of Future Citations. The average number of references per article was the highest for the social sciences. But rather to offer a straight forward and practical answer to a question that academics often respond to in an ambiguous way. Canberra University suggests, quantity can matter due to perceptions. Leaving, zarkali, and arts humanities roughly 54 references per article. Since they are shortterm papers measures of average influence for entire journals.

Let journals be your guides.It depends on your topic, the nature of your research project, your level of scholarship, and a number of other factors.The citation counts used to calculate these averages are from the year of publication to the end of 2010.


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See: m/5w6czns For more information, see m/products/esi Register to continue Get a month's unlimited access to THE content online.Remember: Aim for quality over quality and to do a quality literature review, you need to have a substantive quantity of sources.