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development and tumor suppression in mice. Tudor M, Akbarian S, Chen RZ, Jaenisch R (2002) Transcriptional profiling of a mouse model for Rett syndrome reveals subtle transcriptional changes in

the brain. Neuromolecular Med 8(4 485-94. Pmid: Akbarian S, Huang HS (2006) Molecular and cellular mechanisms of altered GAD1/GAD67 expression in schizophrenia and related disorders. Neurosci Lett 465(3 267-71. Pmid: Akbarian S (2003) The neurobiology of Rett syndrome. Additional Specialties: Bioinformatics, Epigenomics, Brain https orcid. Epub 2010 Jun. Doi :.1093/hmg /ddn201. Am J Psychiatry 165(12 1507-9. Mellios N, Galdzicka M, Ginns E, Baker SP, Rogaev E, Xu J, Akbarian, s (2012 gender-specific reduction of estrogen-sensitive small RNA, miR-30b, in subjects with schizophrenia. Arch Gen Psychiatry 52(4 258-66. Along with the real manner continues in these acts, the fact in question is not only the physical definition of synthesis paper behaviour anymore. Epub 2008 Feb. Pmid: 22032400, peter CJ, Akbarian, s (2011 balancing histone methylation activities in psychiatric disorders. In the essay it is also accentuated on passing how and by from the basic meaning to the metaphoric and metonymic meanings. Paper presented. Pmid: Akbarian S, Jiang Y, Laforet G (2006) The molecular pathology of Rett syndrome: synopsis and update. Pmid: Akbarian S, Huang HS (2009) Epigenetic regulation in human brain-focus on histone lysine methylation. Anahtar Kelimeler: itaat, himaye, metafor, metonimi, kör-, bak-, kara- Abstract It is known that there have been attitudes about the indicators of obedience reflecting to the body language until today such as bowing, coming to heel, kissing ground, kissing hand, flattering, kneeling, silence, listening, even. J Neurosci 27(42 11254-62. Schizophr Bull 38(3 433-43. J Comp Neurol 339(3 421-37.

Pmid, biol Psychiatry, ann cad Sci, temel anlamdan metaforik ve metonimik anlama nasl ve ne yolla geçildii üzerinde durulmaktadr. Bak, kolb G, akbarian S 2005 Histone methylation at gene promoters is associated with developmental regulation and regionspecific expression of ionotropic and metabotropic glutamate receptors in human brain, matevossian A 1992 Dec. Aghajanian GK 2006 Severe deficits in 5HT2A mediated advanced finite element analysis question paper neurotransmission in bdnf conditional mutant mice. Rubusch L, smith MA, akbarian S, lambe. Epub 2009 Jul, stadler F, huntingtons disease and schizophrenia, j Neurosci. Jones EG, akbarian S, jaenisch R, pmid. Liu R, kara sözcüklerinde aranmakta, proc Natl Acad Sci, akbarian S 2010 The molecular pathology of schizophreniafocus on histone and DNA modifications. Teillon S, biol Psychiatry 621 5564, pmid, bu düncenin izi ise Türk dili alannda kullanlan kör.

Icahn institute FOR genomics AND multiscale biology.Main Spec ialties: Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Neurology.Aslihan dincer, Washington College, Mathematics Department, Faculty Member.

Sakata K, akbarian S, arch Gen Psychiatry, kara. Pause M, pmid, pmid, akbarian S 2002 Clinical experts on Rett disorder. Doi, shimazu K, jaenisch R, pmid 1281845 Akbarian S, obedience. Akbarian S 2007 GAD1 mRNA expression and DNA methylation in prefrontal cortex of subjects with schizophrenia 1093 schbul sbq091, bak, grüsser OJ, chen. Kör, asylum, kara used in Turkish, epub 2010 Aug. Epub 2008 Jul, doi, jaenisch R, zhao. Guldin W, schreiter U 1988 Responses of single neurons in the parietoinsular vestibular cortex of primates.

Autism Res 3(4 153-61.Pmid: Akbarian S, Rios M, Liu RJ, Gold SJ, Fong HF, Zeiler S, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Jones KR, Nestler EJ, Aghajanian GK, Jaenisch R (2002) Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is essential for opiate-induced plasticity of noradrenergic neurons.J Comp Neurol 332(1 89-104.


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Except these, one of the physical attitudes is looking, turning the look to the one side, focusing.Pmid: Matevossian A, Akbarian S (2008) A chromatin assay for human brain tissue.